Production artist & photographer. Though, it never truly is as simple as that, now is it?

It is well known amongst my dearest friends and family that I am a dreamer. A vivacious dreamer with more plans than I care to admit. I am also a hopeless romantic, a lover of rain and a perpetual adventurer. I am a barefoot-and-messy-hair kind of gal. And above all, I am a storyteller who lives for moments filled with nothing but the purest of emotions.

I believe in seizing opportunity to celebrate, and I will forever raise a toast to all of life's milestones - no matter how big or small. I believe in laughing until you make no sound and your cheeks are cramped and tearstained. I believe in loving wholeheartedly and without shame. I believe in trying new things, learning new tricks and finding comfort in life's simple pleasures. I believe in intimacy and the stories that fuel us all.

This little space that you've stumbled upon is my story. A collaboration of all aspects of my life. This space is your glimpse into my journey; my story.

After years of traveling around the world, I've put away my backpack (for now), and am learning the art of growing roots. I'm building a life for myself; one that doesn't necessarily fit in said backpack. I'm building a life for hangers & drawers, for hanging art & framing pictures and for painting walls and planting flowers.

This little space is my story, and I could not be happier that you're here.



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